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When asked about his plans for the future, he is, like most of us, at the mercy of travel restrictions. But even though he’s itching to get back on the road, Avo, who currently lives in Durban, has been making the most of this downtime to further connect to the surfing community in South Africa, engaging in an ongoing cultural change which, according to him, “is still fresh and not yet fully embraced by the surf industry.”


“I am the true story of a changing community, and would love to see other African surfers get similar opportunities as I have recently,” he says. “I want to keep building my profile as a surfer, raising awareness of the endless potential South Africa has to offer, and sharing my story to inspire other surfers and people who have experienced loss all over the world.”




The author and Surf Simply would like to thank Avuyile “Avo” Ndamase and his sponsor Vast.

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