Literate kite surfer saves self by correctly spelling “HELP” on sand

Surfers and kite surfers generally have no beef, or at least not in Southern California. When the wind whips hard enough to billow their sheets, surfers are generally long gone, enjoying an afternoon cocktail, perhaps a fat washed mezcal that uses fat drippings from a rack of slow-cooked pork ribs and an equal amount of mezcal that sits in the freezer overnight and includes a spicy habanero-tincture garnish. Or perhaps not. In any case, a kite surfer became in trouble up Santa Cruz way and leaned upon literacy in order to save himself.

The unnamed man, described as a “veteran windsurfer” by local news but also a “kite surfer” by national news and simply “surfer” by international news, became stuck on a beach surrounded by cliffs with a rising tide threatening. Not the good sort of “Rising Tide” produced by the World Surf League wherein younger girls learn to charge but the drowning sort.

Thinking quickly, our intelligent hero spelled the word H E L P out of rocks on the sand and was spotted by a passing helicopter which, in turn, alerted authorities.

“It was actually very windy out as well, probably 25-plus MPH wind,” Cal Fire Capt. Sean Ketchum told NBC’s Bay Area affiliate.

“It is an extremely beautiful place to work and live,” added Cal Fire Capt. Skylar Merritt. “That being said, it can lull people into a false sense of security around those cliffs. Those beaches are notorious for strong winds, rip tides and cold water.”

It was too dangerous to rescue the logophile from sea and so a helicopter came in and hoisted him to safety.

“It was a good feeling being there and being able to help just get him out of there,” rescuer Jesus Acosta declared, also sharing that the whole business felt like a scene from a movie.

Very cool.

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