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Orca is a company that designs and manufactures wetsuits for some of the world’s most physically challenging sports — think freediving, triathlon, and open-water swimming. With a reputation for product excellence and a focus on sustainability, the Orca brand is a natural choice for watersport enthusiasts globally.

We were therefore excited to discover that they have introduced a line of wetsuits for surfers featuring one of our favorite types of neoprene and designed for performance, flexibility, and fit. Does Orca’s 25-year history give them an edge when it comes to surfing wetsuits?

Let’s find out…

Introducing the Orca Tango

The Orca Tango is made of 100% Yamamoto neoprene, which is a high-quality, warm, and flexible rubber foam made from limestone. It also happens to feel silky soft, even when the wetsuit or your body are wet. If you prefer more environmentally-friendly products, especially considering the damage petroleum-based neoprene can cause, then you’ll love Yamamoto.

We tested two wetsuits: the 3:2 Tango for women and the 3:2 Tango for men. We are a male shortboarder and a female longboarder and our test area water temps ranged from 17 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius (more about that soon).

First and foremost, this wetsuit slides on like a silk glove. Orca state that this wetsuit provides elasticity and a perfect fit, thanks to its materials and Power Fit inner lining. We can confirm this. Putting on a wet wetsuit is never fun but the Orca makes this a breeze.

We really love the flexibility of this suit but Brad had a few moments where he struggled to grab hold of the zip panel that pulls over your head.

Orca Tango 3/2 Men Wetsuit

From Brad: This is one of my favorite wetsuits. It is super lightweight – so much so that I have started wearing it in warm weather for sun protection. Seriously, given the choice between boardies and sunscreen or a super flexi suit that feels like surfing nude, I go for the suit.

Orca Tango 3/2 Women Wetsuit

From Gen: I like wetsuits that don’t restrict my paddling. After a New Zealand winter and wearing a 4:3 it was dreamy slipping on my Orca Tango. Like Brad I’m wearing this most days, even in summer. Sustainability is important to me and so I am an even bigger fan of this brand.

Tech Specs

The use of Yamamoto neoprene, the GBS seams, its front zip construction and the advanced pattern construction all provide you with the needed elasticity to be able to paddle for hours. Technologies such as DS 40+ are also incorporated in the shoulders and back which allow you to move without restrictions.

The suit’s perfect fit in the chest and back is achieved thanks to the use of DS40PF technology, which includes a compressive inner lining. This lining and the Smoothskin finish on the wrists and neck prevent the ingress of water and the formation of air pockets in the wetsuit.

The use of GBS seams covered by inner taping give the Tango 3:2 suit a high level of thermal insulation within its thickness category, preventing the loss of body heat and allowing you to surf for longer.

The DuraSkin outer fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion, ensures the durability of your suit, despite the many hours you spend on your surfboard. The inner taping also reinforces the seams and the Shield + panels cover and protect the knee area so that you can enjoy your wetsuit for a longer time.


If you’re after a sustainable wetsuit that lets you move the way you need to, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than Orca’s Tango.

Orca Tango Wetsuit Review

Best features

Flexible and warm

Silky inner lining

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