The Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Surfers

Many consumers are looking for environmentally-friendly ways to celebrate the festive season. At Surfd, we believe that business can be a force for good. There is a whole movement dedicated to what is called stakeholder capitalism: respecting all stakeholders rather than just the bottom line. This movement is called BCorp and many organizations in the surf industry have wholeheartedly embraced this approach to business, with Patagonia leading the way.

When it comes to gifting, we know that may of you want to choose products that are:

  • Ethically produced – fair supply chains and manufacturing
  • Environmentally-friendly – low carbon, recycled or repurposed materials
  • Made to last – fast fashion is an ecological disaster
  • Look, feel and function with excellence – being sustainable doesn’t mean a product should be boring

Guide to Sustainable Surf Gifts

This year we have produced three gift selections:

  • gifts for men
  • gifts for women
  • gifts for groms (surfer kids)

The gift guide features items from Outerknown, Patagonia, Salt Gypsy, Vissla and many more. When making your decision, let price be a factor but remember that investing more now often means that the product will last much longer. For example, we at Surfd purchased an Outerknown blanket shirt three years ago and it looks as good (maybe better) than it did when first unwrapped.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Men

This year’s Christmas gifts for men list features muted tones, classic lines and a very unique block of wax.

  1. Seventyseven Cord Shirt by Outerknown
  2. Kassia Palo Santo Surf Wax
  3. iPhone case by agood company
  4. Gift Card from Outerknown
  5. Zip Wallet by New Life Project x Outerknown
  6. Surfboard Shorts by The Tropics
  7. White LWG Leather/Blue Sneakers by Cariuma
  8. Surfboard Fins by Nomads Fins
  9. Plant Dye Socks by Outerknown x Arvin Goods

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Women

We’ve gone arty this Christmas for surfer girls. Check out the towel by Vissla, the notebook by Surfd and the Salt Gypsy surf hat.

  1. Surf Neckless by Atolea
  2. Surf Hat by Salt Gypsy x Sunward Bound
  3. ESSNTLS Womens Cross Slides by Indosole Australia
  4. Retro Surfboard Lined Surf Journal
  5. SPF 50 Natural Tinted Moisturiser by Avocado Zinc
  6. Gift Card from Patagonia
  7. Sunglasses by Afends
  8. Insulated Tumbler by Klean Kanteen
  9. Tc Mud Flappers Towel by Vissla

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Kids

Get the kids prepared for another year of waves. We really love the Shred surfboard sock and rash vest by Ina Swim.

  1. Kids’ Trucker Hat by Patagonia
  2. Surfing Notebook with inspirational quotes
  3. Chrome Rainbow Ceramic Reusable Bottle by Frank Green
  4. Rash Shirt by Ina Swim
  5. Shorts by Patagonia
  6. Kids Sandals Fraidy Stacker by Sanuk
  7. Kids Statement Hood Heather Gray by Andorwith
  8. Surf Wax Comb by Go Bamboo
  9. Sock Cover For Surf Boards by SHRED


We’ve listed our favorite sustainable surf gifts for Christmas 2022. If you’re interested in other gifts, feel free to check out our regular surf gift guide.

Let us know what you choose and please do suggest other surf gift options in the comments below.

From the team at Surfd, happy mindful shopping.

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